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Syktyvkar city court upheld a fine of 800 thousand rubles for discussing drugs in the blog. «7x7» announced fundraising

On August 30, Syktyvkar city court upheld a fine of 800 thousand rubles for the online journal «7x7» for an interview with Mikhail Svetov on the legalization of drugs.

"To remain the decision of the magistrate unchanged, to dismiss the appeal," read the judge.

Roskomnadzor was represented by Alexander Elagin, head of the department of control (supervision) in the sphere of mass communications, and by lawyer Vladimir Zubkov on the part of «7x7». At the beginning of the meeting Zubkov asked to attach the evidence provided at the previous meeting — a letter from the CEO of «7x7» with confirmation that the online journal «7x7» is a small business entity, an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, a tax receipt, a charter and a financial report results.

The parties studied the case materials — they watched a fragment of video interview with Svetov.

The online journal «7x7» collects funds to pay a fine. You can make donation here donate.7x7-journal.ru.

"We consider such punishment an act of censorship and an attempt to close the journal for giving people with different views a platform for statements. It is important for us to continue working and do it on the principles of independence and objectivity. We want to continue writing unique materials about what is happening with civil society in the regions of Russia," the statement said.

On June 20, «7x7» was fined by 800 thousand rubles, and the editor-in-chief Sofia Krapotkina — by 40 thousand rubles for the same interview (Article 6.13 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). According to the court, an interview of a blogger Alexander Smoleev with the liberatarian Mikhail Svetov contains drug propaganda. The politician talked about dangers of synthetic drugs and heroin. According to Roskomnadzor experts, heroin was "put in a good light."

«7x7» challenged the decision in Syktyvkar city court. "In an interview with Mikhail Svetov, viewers are not invited to use drugs; he does not talk about the benefits of using them, does not name the places of purchase or how they were made. Mikhail Svetov discusses the advantages of legalizing drugs and talks about advantages of their legitimate sale," the statement said.

The editorial board is represented by Voronezh Mass Media Defence Center and lawyer Vladimir Zubkov.

Maxim Polyakov, «7x7»


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