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Wheelchair user was not allowed to do sport at the Arkhangelsk stadium

Opinions of the conflict parties

Victoria Mehrina, a wheelchair user, sister of of the jiu-jitsu trainer Alexandra Ivanova, was not let on the Burevestnik Stadium. On May 17, she wrote about it on "VKontakte". The correspondent of «7x7» gathered the opinions of the conflict parties.


What happened

Alexandra Ivanova said that her sister has been using a wheelchair for the second year. Together they decided to do sports at the Burevestnik Stadium, which belongs to the Northern (Arctic) Federal University (SAFU). Nobody interfered with their first training, but on May 16, Ivanova's sister was not let on the stadium:

"A watch person said that the entry on the wheelchair is prohibited (a wheelchair is her legs!). I did not argue, but I was outraged. I spent the training in my thoughts, and my sister was crying from such an attitude! Later, we approached the stadium watch, we asked her surname, name and patronymic. She reported about herself and said: "Complain to the authorities," but added: "I have a key chain, I could press, and security guards would arrive, but I felt pity for the disabled!". I imagine it: men with automatic weapons against a disabled girl! People should help, not hinder."

Alexandra Ivanova complained to the Arkhangelsk Prosecutor's Office against the actions of a stadium employee. According to her, the sister never encountered such an attitude, usually the people helped her, the SAFU did not contact their family to apologize.


Reaction of the SAFU

The press service of the university informed about an internal check concerning the incident in the security company "Spas", which provides security at the Burevestnik Stadium. Ivanova's words were confirmed. "A conversation about the prevention of such cases in the future and respectful explaining the rules of visiting the stadium" was held with the "Spas" workers. According to the press service of the SAFU, the stadium is not yet available for individual trainings. This will be possible after the repair is completed. Students with disabilities have sports lessons at Burevestnik.


Public’s comment

The chairman of the Arkhangelsk branch of the All-Russian Society of Disabled People, Yevgeny Nelzikov, told «7x7» that the watch person should be punished by way of example for other, so that such case does not happen again:

"Such cases are rare in Arkhangelsk. Not because everything is good, disabled people just do not often appear on the streets of the city. This fear of disabled people comes from ignorance, inability to interact with them. Some people find it easier not to let a person in a wheelchair than to do something wrong, they do not know how to react to wheelchairs. Stadiums should also be adapted for wheelchair users. This employee of the stadium needs to be punished by way of example for other. Guys, learn to treat disabled people and behave properly."


Officials’ reaction

The head of the agency for the development of sports in the Arkhangelsk region Andrei Bagretsov called the incident with Mehrina unacceptable:

"If people without disabilities are engaged in sports at Burevestnik Stadium, then there can be no restrictions for people with disabilities. If this facility has not yet been put into operation, it should be closed to everyone. The owner is equally responsible for the safety of disabled people and people without disabilities who came to the stadium."

Assistants of Bagretsov told Alexandra Ivanova, where her sister can go in for sports without hindrance.

According to statistics, 8.8% of the population belong to the less mobile group in Russia. Federal legislation guarantees these people access to buildings and premises "without barriers".

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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