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In Ukhta the leader of the Republican Coalition movement Egor Russky was detained

In Ukhta, FSB officers detained a civil activist Egor Russky, as reported on the public page of the Republican Coalition movement on April 8. Details of the detention are not known yet.

As written in the post, Egor Russky was detained on April 6. According to “7x7” source, Russky was detained a day later, on April 7. He was getting into the car heading to Syktyvkar for the next meeting of the All-Republican public forum scheduled for the same day.

Egor Russky's phone was not available; he was last seen on social network Vk.com on April 7, at 13.45, according to the information on his page.

Russky was detained once in the summer of 2017, when he wanted to go to the forum Innovation: Krokhal 2017 next to Ukhta to ask tough follows-up to the head of the republic Sergei Gaplikov.

Egor Russky got known after he went up against the republican law No. 144, that eliminated compensation for kindergartens for parents whose income exceeded 1.5 subsistence minimums per family member. He served as a director of the swimming pool Yunost.

In June 2017, he recorded a video message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, where he criticized the policy of the Komi authorities.

In 2014, Russky was a mayor of Lutugino in the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic.


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