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Aleksey Navalny's headquartes in Veliky Novgorod was shut down

Aleksey Navalny's headquartes in Veliky Novgorod was shut down on March 31, 2018, as reported by its coordinator Konstantin Pokhilchuk.

In the headquarters' group on vk.com, the activists posted the following: “ Dear friends, our headquarters had been working for 10 months and 4 days. All this time our doors were open to you, your ideas, your energy, and the desire to change the country for the better. Together we made such important and complex work that it is too difficult to describe it in one short post. You know yourself very well how we worked, what we worked for and what we managed to achieve. We are proud of you and are grateful for the time that each of you has invested in our common cause”.

Konstantin Pokhilchuk explained the headquarters' shutdown by the lack of money:

“The fact is that our headquarters have very limited funding – the entire campaign exists solely at the expense of the donations of our partisans, and if during the presidential campaign this money was enough to maintain the headquarters in more than 80 cities, now it is not like that anymore. I evaluate the work of the Veliky Novgorod headquarters quite positively, since we managed to send about a hundred watchers to polling stations both in the city and in several districts of the region and to spot and report a number of serious voting improprieties. During the work of our headquarters we formed a very good team of volunteers, and many young people got involved in politics and protest activity”.

Aleksey Navalny opened the Novgorod headquarters on May 28, 2017. There were 873 people in the official group of headquarters in Vk.com.

On June 12, 2017, in Veliky Novgorod, the supporters of Aleksey Navalny held the first rally against corruption and in support of Anti-corruption Foundation's investigation of the alleged property of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. During the unauthorized procession, 20 people were detained, and the organizer of the rally Grigory Smirnov has been arrested for five days. On October 7, 2017 Novgorod partisans of Navalny held a rally in support of the nomination of their leader for the Russian presidency.


Anton Morozov, «7х7»

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