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Search and beatings of Voronezh activist before the action in Nemtsov's memory

Activist of the "Solidarity" movement from Voronezh Alexander Zheltukhin said that before the action of the memory of the murdered politician Boris Nemtsov, police officers came to him with a search and beat him. His story was recorded on February 25 by the blogger Vladislav Khodakovsky.



According to Zheltukhin, siloviki said that he was flooding his downstairs neighbours, so that he would open the door. He was presented with search warrant in connection with the case of 2016, in which he witnessed the murder. Until the witnesses came, he was threatened with reprisal, said Zheltukhin. Law enforcement officers seized his laptop and took him for interrogation to the Center for Combating Extremism, where he had an explanatory talk. There were three searchers.

"They somehow decided that the massive damage of Putin's billboards, calls not to take part in the elections, distribution of Navalny's leaflets — it's all my doing. They had to trample in the apartment of a man, to do something unpleasant to him. On the "preventive conversation" they demanded that "slow down with political activities". The beatings of activists in Voronezh have been going on for a very long time."

The activist said that the policemen stepped on his bed and broke the mirror.

In July 2017, unknown people attacked the Voronezh pensioner Stanislav Egorov, who often went out to single pickets in support of Navalny.

In November 2017, another Voronezh activist, Dmitry Vorobievsky, who takes part in protest pickets every Tuesday, reported on beatings.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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