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"Putin, you are not our president after this initiative." Komi rallies in defense of the Komi language and against pollution of nature

According to the Pechora rescue committee, residents of two villages in the Usinsky and the Udorsky district joined the week of protest announced by the public organization. On December 24, about 30 people attended rallies against pollution of nature and in support of the Komi language.



Shchelyabozh residents regularly face oil spills, so in their speeches they focused on the state of local environment. 

The deputy chairman of the Pechora rescue committee Ivan Ivanov, who maintained contact with the protesters, told «7x7» that almost none of employees of the village school, kindergarten and hospital attended the rally, although it was coordinated. One of the organizers of the rally, chef of the local school Nadezhda Kaneva named the main demands of the rally: to terminate seismic works, to oblige oil companies to replace old oil pipelines, and to preserve the Komi language at the state level.


Rally in Shchelyabozh


Local resident Valentina Kaneva reproached the deputies of the State Council of Komi that they did not protect the interests of their voters when they rejected the referendum to replace obsolete oil pipelines and approved a referendum on the transfer of the republic capital. The latter, according to her, was needed only for raising the presidential elections turnout in Russia in 2018.

Residents also claimed the necessity of gas analyzer for measuring the amount of hydrogen sulfide harmful to health that is contained in local oil and associated gas and enters the atmosphere during extraction. The previous gas analyzer was intended only for working areas and could not recognize a dangerous amount of harmful gas in the open air.

In a telephone conversation, Sergey Makarov told a «7x7» correspondent that the Lukoil-Komi company is ready to consider the possibility of assistance in buying a gas analyzer, and according to him, a meeting with the population planned on December 15 did not take place due to the inconsistency of the schedules.



The speakers in Koslan suggested that the executive committee of the inter-regional public movement "Komi Voityr" ("Komi Nation") convene an unscheduled congress on the preservation of the Komi language. In mid-November, the head of the Komi Sergey Gaplikov suspended the order of the republican Ministry of Education on the optional study of the Komi language. The protesters believe that this is a temporary measure to lull the vigilance of those who are fighting for the preservation of the Komi language.


Rally in Koslan


Several posters appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin. For example, "Separation of languages ​​by "significance" is the genocide of non-Russian peoples. Putin, you are not our president after this initiative". It is referred to the speech of the President on July 20, 2017 at the meeting of the Presidential Council on Interethnic Relations in Yoshkar-Ola, when he said that study of native languages ​​by representatives of different peoples of the country should become voluntary, and paid special attention to the heads of regions.

Residents of the Udorsky district, who came to the rally, unanimously adopted a resolution.

On December 17, 2017 the oldest environmental organization of the republic the Pechora rescue committee a week of protest in Komi from December 10 to 17. Members of the organization said that regional authorities ignored the interests of the republic residents when they decided to abolish the referendum banning the use of oil pipelines over 20 years old, that are most often the cause of oil spills. Also, public officials are alarmed by the government's attempts to make the Komi language optional for study in schools. After the protest actions, the head of the Komi Sergey Gaplikov suspended the order of the optional study of the native language in the republic, but there is still threat of cancellation of his compulsory study.

At the end of November, deputies of the Izhma district appealed to the head of the republic with an open letter in defense of the Komi language.

First rallies were held in the Usinsky district within a week of protest. The protesters reminded that the republic has been suffering from oil pollution for many years and that this is one of the most serious problems in the Komi Republic.

Elena Solovyova, photo of the Pechora rescue committee, «7x7»


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