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Local authorities dismantled an art object of the Yaroslavl hermit in support of Navalny

Authorities of the Vladimir region dismantled Yuri Alexeyev's art object to support Navalny.


Hermit Yuri Alekseyev said that his art object of several wooden construction with inscription ‘Navalny’ was dismantled by the State Property Management Committee with the help of several police officers.

On the video, published by Alekseyev, it can be seen that authorities used the mobile crane for the dismantling of the inscription. Yuri said that he would make a new art object there.

Hermit Yuri Alekseyev, who calls himself the Russian hobbit, lives in an underground home on the border of the Yaroslavl and Vladimir regions near the federal highway. He has a YouTube blog and agitates all his guests for Alexey Navalny. He also built an Indian wigwam and a wooden shield with a duck and Navalny's campaign logo.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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