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Attempt of 'light Maidan', geography lesson and protesting dog. Russian protest actions

Actions against corruption took place on June 12 in all major cities of Russia. People rallied not only in regional centers, but also in small towns. «7x7» collected the most interesting moments from several regions.

Voronezh rally was joined by protesters with an environmental agenda – a civil activist and a member of 'Open Russia' Vladislav Khodakovsky supported the action 'Nadoel' with his poster.

Also, a dog was brought to the rally, which demanded equality for the pets of officials and pets of ordinary people.

A rock band 'Night Wanderer' sang on the anti-corruption action in Oryol. Oryol rally united people with completely different political views. For example, participant in the Donbass fighting, monarchist Anton Raevsky. The action was also attended by nationalists, supporters of the opposition blogger Vyacheslav Maltsev.

In Kaluga, the authorities agreed on a platform for protesters on the embankment of the Yachen reservoir far from the center. However, people also used this location. The former mayor of the city Vitaly Chernikov held a geography lesson, pointing out pompous villas of officials and a private gymnasium for their children on the banks of the reservoir.

In Yaroslavl, the rally organizer Alexander Diunov conducted a survey among the participants, asking them to raise the hands of those who were younger than 25-30 years old. More than half of those who came were younger. Yaroslavl guide Yulia Zavarskaya wrote an appeal to young people on Facebook.

An anti-corruption rally in Arkhangelsk was coordinated on the island of Solombala in the delta of the Northern Dvina. Volunteers recorded that sites, the authorities allegedly reserved for the youth council of Arkhangelsk, were empty at the appointed time.

The Solombala rally will also be remembered for a proposal to arrange a 'light Maidan' from a drunken participant. The organizers kicked him away.

About 20 people came to the rally in Koryazhma, Arkhangelsk region. They gathered at the site of an ordinary apartment building. The organizers separately mentioned that their event was visited by the former mayor of the city Valery Elezov, but for some reason he stayed in his car.

A little more gathered in Velsk, Arkhangelsk region, but there a deputy of the Communist Party spoke there.

In Kotlas, there were more policemen than protesters (10 vs. 7).

In Murmansk, an anti-corruption action was joined by representatives of the Russian Carriers Association, protested against the Plato system. Protests also took place in the Murmansk region.

In Cheboksary, the organizers said that they broke the record for attending protest actions in Chuvashia. The rally drew the attention of several Caucasians who were indignant at the posters of the 'Nadoel' action with the face of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

Protesters of Petrozavodsk have raised the topic of the criminal prosecution of Karelian historian Yuri Dmitriev, who found the burial of the prisoners executed by Stalin in the town of Sandarmokh.

‘Patriotism is to take our children to Krasny Bor and Sandarmokh, to tell what happens to people under a totalitarian regime,' activist Alexei Generalov said.

In Petrozavodsk people read Pushkin's poems 'To Chaadayev'.

In Yoshkar-Ola, two protest actions against corruption took place over the weekend – June 11 and 12. On the first day it coincided with the opening of the headquarters of Alexei Navalny.

In Kirov, among other things the organizers turned on the song of Alisa Vox ‘The Kid', in lyrics singer offered young protesters to 'study materiel' instead of visiting protest actions. The Kirov meeting was very numerous in the beginning – more than a thousand people came to its opening. But, according to the calculations of the "7x7" correspondent, only about 200 people stayed until the end.

A schoolboy Nikita Bryzgalov spoke at the Syktyvkar rally about very serious things.

In Ukhta, engineer Alexei Kuzin was surprised that the police drove a special car filled with employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to an agreed, peaceful picket of 100 people.

Kostroma rally, to which its participants specifically walked from the city center across the bridge across the Volga river, was visited by the deputy of the regional Duma from Yabloko Vladimir Mikhailov. The speakers demanded to build another bridge.

In Ryazan, one girl did not speak to anyone, because she duct-taped her mouth in protest.


In all the cities, the organizers of the protests faced difficulties in arranging their actions, «7x7» wrote about it on June 3.


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