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Unknown people attacked activists of the movement for the rights of consumers 'Piggies are against' in the Kirov store

On June 4, activists of the movement "Piggies are against" were attacked in one of the Kirov shops, where they were looking for overdue products.

According to head of the Kirov branch Alex Blagonensky, eight activists, including two girls, examined the products in the Oasis store. Staff of the store was unhappy with this — they shouted at young people, threatened with the police. After a while, several men came into the room.

'First, they attacked one volunteer, then the second. And all of us. The staff addressed them informally, called them by their names,' Blagodensky explained. He could not tell the number of attackers. The young man described them as 'strong drunk guys'.

The volunteers ran outside and called the police, several crews arrived. According to Blagodensky, one of the attackers was detained, the others ran away. Activists of the movement wrote statements to the police and recorded beatings.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Kirov region reported that the detained man was brought to administrative responsibility for swearing. He was released. Check is carried out on the facts of beatings.

It was not possible to receive comments in store, the manager was out of the office.

"Piggies are against" is a non-profit organization that struggles with substandard service in stores and sale of overdue goods. They arrange raids on sales outlets and record video. In Kirov, "Piggies are against" appeared in late 2016.

Katerina Klepikovskaya, «7x7»


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