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Kirov Federal Penitentiary Service rewrote the news about the army daily norms for prisoners on the Victory Day

The news on the site of the FSIN department for the Kirov region, which referred to the 'voluntary hunger strike' of prisoners before the Victory Day, was completely rewritten. The date of its publication has also changed — to May 10 instead of May 9.

The press release about the Immortal Regiment in the colonies of the Kirov region appeared on the website of the department on May 10. 738 convicts took part in it. Other activities were also mentioned: a meeting with a veteran, quizzes on the history of war, public reading of fiction. Initially, the text reported that the prisoners were offered a week of eating according to the daily norms of the Red Army.

'234 convicts took part in a week lasting action. According to the participants, hunger and thoughts about food sometimes prevented them from working, but feeling of solidarity, patriotic spirit helped to ride,' tjournal quotes press release.

Now this news has been rewritten (its old version can be found in Google's cache, mention of the "voluntary hunger strike" has been deleted). The new version of the press release, dated May 9, says that the Correctional facility committee №5 staff congratulated veterans and workers of the rear. In two news for May 10, it is reported that the convicts of one of the colonies made a tank model, and employees of another institution held shooting competitions.

We did not manage to get a quick response from the press service of the regional department of the FPS.

Katerina Klepikovskaya, «7x7»


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