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Chuvash public man is suspected of distributing Nazi symbols from the Soviet anti-fascist film

According to Facebook page of lawyer Alexei Glukhov, activist of the Chuvash branch of "Open Russia" Anton Kravchenko, can be brought to administrative liability by the FSB and Department for Countering Extremism under article for distribution of Nazi symbols.

"There will be 7 cases. 15 days for each, it is 105 days in jail," Glukhov wrote.

Trial may take place on January 27 at Tsivilsky District Court. The lawyer said that security forces talk about screenshots of the Soviet film "Ordinary Fascism" in 1965, civic activist published them in social networks in December 2013. The film exposes propaganda techniques of the Third Reich. Another post was made in March 2011 – Kravchenko posted a video "Plea of Hitler to Stalin".

'I watch this movie ["Ordinary Fascism"] at school as patriotic. And at the prompting of from the FSB Department for Chuvashia and Department for Countering Extremism it turned out to be extremism,’ lawyer Glukhov commented on the essence of the matter.

Chuvash Department for Countering Extremism manifests attention to opposition politicians and posts in social networks. In November 2016, coordinator of "Open Russia" Dmitry Semenov was fined for publishing a photo of the deputy Vitaly Milonov wearing T-shirt with the prohibited slogan. Head of the Chuvash branch of Parnass Dmitry Pankov was acquitted on similar charges.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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