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Human Rights Council under the President gave recommendations to FSIN on Dadin and practice of violence in the Karelian CF-7

December 2, the Human Rights Council under the President of Russia posted a report on the results of audit in the colony number 7 on its website, where Ildar Dadin, who declared torture, serves sentence.

Members of Council Pavel Chikov and Igor Kalyapin visited colony in Segezha in early November, after publication of Dadin's letter of torture. November 10, human rights activists prepared a report. It stated that "totality of objective evidence of actions against Dadin on September 11 and 12, 2016 described by him, as well as statements about legality of conduct of CF-7 staff, could not be established". However, human rights activists pointed out that they failed because prison officials did not provide data from video cameras, recording what is happening in the colony, and did not allow to get acquainted with a basic record of Dadin. Human rights activists have not been able to confirm or deny the fact of beating of a prisoner because of remoteness: they found only unhealed scars on his wrists.

HRC report contains recommendations for the Federal Penitentiary Service. First of all human rights activists recommend to transfer Ildar Dadin to another prison, close to the place of his registration. Another recommendation: "To eliminate practice of violence against prisoners in CF-7. To eliminate the practice of loud music and repeated reading of legal rules". HRC members also drew attention to the situation of Muslim prisoners who said that prison staff gave them pork, and refusal was regarded as food refusal, which entailed certain penalties. Also, lawyers noted the importance of keeping records of surveillance cameras throughout a year.

The politician Alexei Navalny commented on the report in his blog:

'Today, the Federal Penitentiary Service has reported that it would excite Dadin against libel. They want to extend life of a person who told the truth about them publicly. It is obvious. Any episode of Dadin or other's,described in the HRC report, must lead to a massive inspection of work of the FSIN, IC and prosecutor's office, and to criminal cases against the officers. The alternative is simple: either Dadin and all the others lie, either the CF-7 management and half of the Karelian FSIN go to jail. So it's a question of saving their necks. I repeat: any word of the FPS can not be trusted. It's simple. Give us videos. All of them. If they exist, we believe video recordings. If they "were not saved", ​​we believe Dadin.

* * *

Ildar Dadin is Russia's first convicted on criminal charges for "repeated violations of the established order of organizing or holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches or picketing" and is serving his sentence in a penal colony of Segezha (Karelia). International human rights organizations such as Amnesty International found him a "prisoner of conscience".

November 1, Dadin's letter about torture was published, then other prisoners of Segezha reported about torture.

November 24, the European Parliament called for an urgent release of Dadin, and before that European Court of Human Rights communicated complaint of his lawyers.

November 28, deputy director of FSIN called Ildar Dadin a "very talented imitator", and the Investigative Committee has not found confirmation of words of the prisoner after its check.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7» 


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