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Komi FPS dismantled memorial plaque to the founders of the colony after runet users' perturbations

According to "KomiOnline", referring to the press service of the regional department of the penitentiary, memorial plaque to builders of camp № 19 "Vodorazdellag – Mikunskaya" was dismantled on October 28.

According to FPS, administration of penal colony № 31 does not plan to install any other plaque.

'This is a mutual victory of the bloggers and journalists who have drawn attention to this crazy memorial plaque,' lawyer of Fund "Public Verdict" Ernest Mezak commented on decision of the FPS, whose post about the opening of a memorial plaque caused a flurry of negative reviews on the internet.

Mezak told about board installation after a visit to the penal colony № 31 in the city of Mikun, Komi on October 26. Plaque dedicated to the builders of camp № 19 "Vodorazdellag – Mikunskaya" located at the entrance to the prison, and was opened in August 2016.

The inscription on the board stated that [in place of the current colony number 31 in Mikun] construction of the penal colony was started here on 16 August 1937 (Camp Division number 19 "Vodorazdellag – Mikunskaya"), and a memorial plaque was installed at 8/16/2016 in honor of the first builders and employees – creators of the colony.

Republican FPS was not aware of the discussion on this issue in social networks and asked to send links to publications.

Penal colony № 31 in the city of Mikun was founded on August 16, 1937, then the prison was called Ust-Vym logging camp. Camp № 19 "Vodorazdellag – Mikunskaya" was founded by the order of People's Commissar of NKVD Nikolai Yezhov (repressed in 1938). "After numerous reorganizations and reconstructions, IR-31 is a colony for convicted women with the colony-settlement site for the convicted men and women," information from FPS Komi site.

Viktor Ivanov, «7x7»


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