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No bomb found in the venue of investigative journalism seminar in Syktyvkar

Police found no explosive device in Syktyvkar hotel "Avalon". According to "Komiinform" (previously it also published anonymous post that journalist Grigory Pasko, who started seminar on investigative journalism at the hotel at 17:00, arrived in Komi to organize "Traitors school"). Evacuated around 18:15 after anonymous phone call, staff of the complex returned to the workplace.

A member of staff refused to communicate with the correspondent of «7x7» on the pretext that she was forbidden to comment. We failed to learn more on checking hotels and finding an explosive device in the police: head of the Interior Ministry's press-service of the Komi Vera Zheleztsova doesn't answer calls.

On November 8 at 17:00, Grigory Pasko, manager of the international NGO "Fund support investigative journalism", started workshop in the conference hall. Around 18:00 the hotel manager told participants that unknown person called the police and reported a bomb in the building. At that time, she said she did not know how long check of the building could take, as the floor area, according to her, was about 10 thousand square meters. Apparently, check lasted no more than one and a half hour.

During seminar Grigory Pasko called up with the employee of the Komi Administration, who said he received an anonymous letter saying that the journalist "was going to blow up Komi".

Now Pasko is in Syktyvkar police station, giving an explanations.

Maximum penalty under Article 207 of the Criminal Code ('False report of an act of terrorism') – three years in prison.

On the eve of his arrival in Syktyvkar, state newspapers have published several reports about the arrival of a journalist under the headings "Money of Czech billionaires will be distributed in Syktyvkar" and "Traitors school will train Syktyvkar bloggers", which alluded to his connection with foreign intelligence agencies. Both messages were identical in content and copied an entry from an anonymous blog on LiveJournal.com, which, according to the registration data, was created in the publication date and contained just one entry – about Pasko. In late September, the journalist was attacked in Barnaul, where he came to the seminar.

In 1997 Grigory Pasko was charged with treason in favor of Japan, and was released after six months of prison on parole. The human rights organization Amnesty International declared him a prisoner of conscience in 1999.


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