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Karelian radio stations refused to publish an election reel of the party "Yabloko"

According to Guberniya Daily, radio station "Europa plus. Petrozavodsk" has refused to post reel of the party "Yabloko".

The reason for refusal was a call for the resignation of the head of the region Alexander Khudilainen. According to the radio station management, such reel «creates a negative opinion about the Head of Karelia, which may be prejudicial to his honor, dignity and business reputation".


According to GubDaily, "Retro the FM", "Autoradio" and "Militia wave" also refused to post it, but there are no written response from them yet.

According to media lawyer Elena Paltseva, refusal cause seems far-fetched.

'Head of the republic is a public figure whose activities and decisions may be discussed by the media and Internet sites. The resignation of Alexander Khudilainen is a legitimate demand, not based on the use of force and weapons,' she commented on the refusal.

August 30, Petrozavodsk City Court satisfied claim of the regional branch of the party "Rodina" to the electoral commission and withdrew all the candidates of "Yabloko" from the election to the City Council for formal reasons. According to the former mayor of Petrozavodsk, "Yabloko" list leader Galina Shirshina, the court's decision demonstrates how power in Karelia eliminates strong opposition.

Gleb Yarovoy, «7x7»


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