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Activists of Parnas and Solidarity picketed with Russian and Ukrainian flags in front of Kirov administration

August 24, activists of the Kirov branch of Parnas held a joint action with the democratic "Solidarity" movement to demand the release of prisoners convicted on political grounds.

According to the correspondent of «7x7», it was attended by about seven people. During the picket, activists unfurled four flags in front of the city administration – Parnas, Solidarity, Russian flag and the flag of Ukraine.

Protesters remembered prisoners of different cases: participants of the Bolotnoe case, Ukrainians convicted in Russia after joining the Crimea, nationalist Alexander Belov (Potkin), which on the day of the picket was sentenced to 7.5 years on charges of embezzlement of assets of Kazakh BTA Bank and extremism, and the former governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh, representatives of the party consider the case against him as trumped-up.

The head of the regional branch of Parnas Vadim Ananyin was disappointed by indifference of the citizens.

'Where are all those people who voted for Nikita Belykh? All these girls who supported him? After arrest of the mayor of Yaroslavl Yevgeny Uralshov, a lot of people came out to support him. But only one person came for our governor in a few days, and only because he thought that rights of Belykh have been violated. A thousand people could easily support him in Kirov.'

Earlier, representatives of Parnas held a rally dedicated to the anniversary of the 1991 coup. Kirov branch of the party is planning several actions to a single voting day on September 18.

Denis Strelkov, «7x7»


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