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Lectures of the Moscow State University professors and civil society activists, reading of the play, yoga, and singing around campfire: BarCamp in Kirov

About 200 people attended an informal out-of-door conference BarCamp. Civil society activists, entrepreneurs, journalists, bloggers, professors of Moscow State University and local universities, government officials and experts from different areas of the Kirov region, Komi Republic, Tatarstan, Moscow and from nearby towns came to education camp on June 18 and 19.

Within two days, participants discussed the problems in the sphere of ecology, culture, education, tourism, urban environment, housing, non-profit organizations work, mechanisms of social control by the population, the social role of the media and others.

The main topic of BarCamp was "national budget". Speakers talked about how to combine resources and send your project to participate in the program to support local initiatives. A total of 30 experts visited BarCamp.

Internet journal «7x7» published decrypts of several lectures: of sociologist and urbanist from Kazan Maria Leontyeva, civic activist Mikhail Armichev, experts on political psychology of the Moscow State University Svetlana Nesterova and Andrei Zverev, professor of history and theory of policy, the head of the executive committee of the Russian Society of Political Scientists Igor Kuznetsov, deputy head of the administration of Slobodskoy Alevtina Polyahova, politologist Vladimir Izotov, expert of the Committee of civil initiatives Nadezhda Gavrilova.

Video of speeches can be found here.

Participants spoke in tents with the sound equipment.

Camp participants arrived by the free bus. Place was treated against ticks, set with wash basin and mobile toilets. At registration, each person was issued with a lapel pin "I am a participant of BarCamp". Participants lived in tents. They could buy coffee, tea, homemade cakes with vegetables and plov.

There was also free market, and everyone could take the necessary thing: books or clothes. Some came to BarCamp with children and dogs.

After the lectures and workshops, artists of Theatre on Spasskaya read the play of the playwright Maxim Kurochkin "Class of Bento Bonchev". Then there was an acoustic concert: made by a group of "StihiYA" and creative duo of Julia Guseva and Dmitry Ambien. At night the campers sang songs with a guitar by the campfire.

On the morning of the second day Yevgeny Pinkus held yoga for everyone. A drop-off point was was created by activists from the Green movement ECA.

Natalia Volnaya, «7x7»


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