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Oryol human rights activist was detained during a single picket against the appointment of Chaika

Human rights activist from Oryol Vitaly Serukanov was detained in Moscow during a single picket against reassignment of Yuri Chaika to the position of the Prosecutor General of Russia. The detention report was published on Twitter of Serukanov.

"They say, he is taken to Oryol. To the court. It’s a disaster!" Vitaly Serukanov wrote.

Activist’s picket near the building of the Council of the Federation against the reassignment of Chaika lasted for 12 seconds. After that, the police took him to the office and drawn up a protocol on administrative offense. According to the head of the Moscow branch of the Progress Party Nikolai Lyaskin, the court will be held in Oryol. He added that Vitaly Serukanov was already detained in Oryol for pickets in support of Oleg Navalny.

Also, activists and employees of Anti-Corruption Foundation Leonid Volkov, Yevgeny Zamyatin, journalist Polina Zamyatina, Nikolai Kasyanov and Vitaly Serukanov were detained at the picket in Moscow on June 15.

The Federation Council has appointed Yuri Chaika Prosecutor General of Russia for the new five-year term. The decision was taken unanimously at the plenary session of the upper house on 15 June. 152 senators voted for reappointment of Yuri Chaika.


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