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Environmental activist has been on a hunger strike for 12 days for the protection of green space on Fryazinovskaya street in Vologda

According to the activist, he lost several kilograms and feels "normal". Gryaznov intends not to eat until all construction work on Fryazinovskaya is stopped. Activist demands to cancel the contract with the builder for the construction in the area of ​​new high-rise buildings instead of the park.

'Each area must have a garden. The hunger strike is the only way to claim this issue. This is a peaceful protest, in a situation where we are shoot, get criminal cases, all sorts of pressure,' environmental activist said.

June 6, wife of Gryaznov Anna Guslistova published an open letter to the head of Vologda; she wrote that she was ready to go out every day with pickets, if the mayor didn't cancel permission to build houses on Fryazinovskaya. The reaction of the authorities is not known.

Earlier colleague of Gryaznov, environmental activist Yevgeny Domozhirov declared hunger strike against his arrest.

June 1st, movement "TOGETHER: democratic choice" held a rally in defense of the green zone on Fryazinovskaya. According to estimates of the organizers, there were about five hundred people at the monument to revolutionary Babushkin in a park near the school number 17.

This is not the first action for the preservation of green space on Fryazinovskaya street. The plot of land for construction is the only territory in the local concrete jungle. The developer of "Brig" has signed a contract for the construction of houses for the resettlement of old and dilapidated housing. Local residents believe that the house can be erected in a different place, not in the only green zone of the area. There were several protests against the building of the green zone on Fryazinovskaya in the spring of 2016.

Natalia Turchinskaya, «7x7»


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