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Komi Rosprirodnadzor has reported about oilers' inspection in connection with the accident on Yarega river

On May 26 Komi Rosprirodnadzor published information on the results of an unscheduled field check of Yareganeft by LLC "LUKOIL-Komi".

The ministry reported that the check took place from April 18 to May 18 at the request of the republican prosecutor's office. The reason was the oil pollution of Yarega river and Maly Voyvozh stream near Yarega village. The purpose of verification was to establish the source of the oil pollution. Experts collected water samples.

"The actions of LLC "LUKOIL-Komi" shown signs of violations in the field of environmental legislation, namely paragraph 4 of Article 8.13 of the Administrative Code ("Violation of the requirements for the protection of water bodies, which can cause pollution, clogging and (or) depletion") in the discharge of wastewater from the OS-1 "Yareganeft" with petroleum content in excess of the established standards. The materials are in the work," said in a release.

This is the first official information with the more or less specific answer to who is responsible for the accident, but the exact location of spill or leak volume are not yet known.

On May 25, correspondent of «7x7» asked for comments to the Minister of Natural Resources of the Komi Roman Polshvedkin. He recommended to wait for the Rosprirodnadzor check results and said that next week he planed a trip to Ukhta to talk on the investigation at a public meeting. The exact date of the trip and the meeting has not been determined.

Information about the oil show in Ukhta river near the village Shudayag appeared on April 10, 2016. Fishermen were the first who sounded the alarm. On the third day after that public figures stated that it was necessary to declare a state of emergency in the waters of Ukhta: they assumed that not less than 100 tons of oily liquid got into the water, and the city water intake is downstream. Later ecologists called a different number – about 300 tons. Ukhta was transferred to the backup power supply, as in the original water content of harmful substances repeatedly exceeded the maximum permissible concentration. Emergency mode was entered only on the 14th of April. Experts found the leak in the vicinity of the creek Maly Voyvozh, emergency crews worked on the spot. In the 20 days of April oil reached influx of Pechora – Izhma river, and by the end of the month it was discovered in front of the village Izhma: some oil settled on the shore, some came down the river with flood waters and hit the Pechora. ­There were three versions of the spill, two of them are connected with old abandoned wells, and the third – with the accident on the territory of "Yareganeft".

Representatives of Save the Pechora Committee surveyed the area around the site of "Yareganeft" and made another conclusion: the source of the accident is located on the site as contamination in the creek upstream was not revealed, but it is contaminated at the outlet of the site.

May 5, Izhemtsy went to the streets against the oil spill; the next day the rallies were held in Ukhta, in the village of Tom and in the village of Mutny Materik. According to local residents, such a large-scale accident on the river has happened for the first time. May 10, residents of the Usinsk region planned to go out, but the picket was not agreed. According to community members, residents of Ust-Usa will hold a picket on May 27. Social activists say that the information about the oil spill is "hushed up and embellished".


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