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Oil flew in Pechora feeder after the spill accident in Ukhta

Its exact concentration in the Izhma river is still unknown

Oil, that flew in the river Ukhta after the spill accident, reached the Izhma river, which is a feeder of the Pechora. This was reported by KomiOnline news agency with reference to the Komi Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Roman Polshvedkin.

According to the Minister, oil flew in the Izhma with drifting ice, and its exact concentration is still unknown. However, Polshvedkin assured that it is small.

The head of Greenpeace Russia energy program Vladimir Chuprov noted that the consequences of the oil spill has affected water bodies already in two municipal districts of the Republic.

"The question of establishing an emergency mode on the regional level comes up”, he said.

Polshvedkin also mentioned that the oil spill cause was not the only one stated previously by the Head of Civil Defense Emergency Preparedness Agency Pavel Bogachik, who reported that oil flew into the Malyi Voyvozh creek from old wells drilled in 1930-1950-s. According to Polshvedkin, there are other causes that the Head did not mention when talking to KomiOnline reporter. These data will be published after the on-site visit of the Republican Emergency Affairs Commission members, who start their work on April 25 in Ukhta.

The concentration of oil in the Ukhta river has increased significantly compared to April 19. As the chief engineer of Ukhtavodokanal [Ukhta municipal enterprise of water supply and waste water treatment] Tatyana Filippova told to “7x7” reporter, at that time it was 1.6 milligrams per liter. On April 20, this figure rose to 8.6, and on April 21 it increased up to 5.9. The maximum permissible concentration of oil in the waterbodies of drinking and household purposes is 0.3 milligrams per liter, so the mac is exceeded by 20 times.

“The ice started drifting. Everything that has been on the bottom of the ice flew into the river. People ask if water flows into the water supply or not. We assure them that it does not”, said Tatyana Filippova, assuring that tap water is drinkable.

Since April 22 the task force that eliminates the effects of oil spills has been strengthened by inviting experts from Usinsk. In addition, 60 people are coming, now there are 107 people collecting oil in Ukhta.


The first who reported on the oil floating in Ukhta river were the locals of Shudayag village, on April 10. They drilled holes in the ice, and dark sticky liquid appeared on the surface, which resembled oil by its consistency. The photo evidence was published by the moderators of a VKontakte group Ukhta Against "Radioactive New Buildings".

In the waters of Ukhta river, due to the discovery of floating oil and oil products, the emergency mode has been established from 8 p.m. on April 13, 2016. Activists and environmentalists argue that the emergency mode should have been established a few days before. By estimate, up to 100 tons of oil products could have flown into the river within the first days after the spill accident.

Maxim Polyakov, “7x7”


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