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Syktyvkar court will ask the owners of VKontakte to explain how they block entries on users' personal pages

Syktyvkar City Court will ask the owners of the popular social network information on how they block entries on users' personal pages. This information is needed when considering the case of the removal of three posts of civil activist Gregory Kablis on "7x7" and blocking his account on the network "VKontakte".

Trial on the suit of civil activist Gregory Kablis continued In Syktyvkar city court.

At the meeting, the plaintiff's representative, lawyer Ernest Mezak explained the essence of the claims. According to him, the decision on blocking Kablis' personal page on the social network is illegal.

 "We do not like this solution because of its totality. The page that has been blocked contained information not only about the alleged gathering, there has been a lot of other personal information. For sure, Prosecutor General's Office had the ability to block specific entry. If we follow the logic of the Prosecutor General, all the social network "VKontakte" can be blocked because of entry of Kablis," Mezak said.

He added that VKontakte always made advances with law enforcement agencies, they have never had any problems with blocking entries. According to the plaintiff's representative, there was no requirement that Roskomnadzor sent to the owner of VKontakte in response to General Prosecutor's Office decision in the case file.

Another point, contested in court by Kablis, was an infinite blocking. According to the activist, point of blocking was lost on the next day after the event took place.

 "Kablis urged to hold not a camp that would last up to Putin's departure from office of President of the Russian Federation (which will never happen until he dies), but called for a specific event with specific place and time. His page is still blocked," Mezak said.

He considers that the order of Roskomnadzor to delete entries of Kablis in his blog on «7x7» had already made no sense: it was received after the gathering was held.

Judge asked to explain how personal entries of VKontakte were technically blocked and to invite a specialist to the next meeting. The court decided to send these questions to the owner of social network "VKontakte".

Blocking of the account of Gregory Kablis occurred in September 2015, shortly after the loud arrest of the former head of Komi Vyacheslav Gayzer and other members of the regional government. Kablis wrote three posts and invited residents of Syktyvkar to discuss the detention of political leadership of the republic on the people's gathering.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, «7x7» under the threat of blocking the entire site was forced to remove the three entries of blogger. Office insisted that Kablis invited everyone to unauthorized and therefore illegal activity. Then it became known that the administrators of a social network "VKontakte" removed the personal page of Kablis without explanation. Now Kablis wants to restore the posts and page, and to get compensation of 300 thousand rubles.

Viktor Ivanov, «7x7»


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