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Internet trolls, how they work – on the example of "7x7"

«7x7» decided to take a closer look at the new site commentators, who left over a hundred entries under one of the posts in a short time. After analysis of their accounts in social networks and check the IP-addresses that are the same for different people, employees of the online journal came to the conclusion that that they deal with internet trolls. «7x7» provides evidence of such hypothesis.

A new blogger Alexander Gubanov registered at the portal on March 9. In the information about thimself, he mentioned that he was a political analyst in Moscow. The next day, the blogger published a post titled "Kasyanov has become an honorary member of the Mejlis", which criticized the co-chairman of Parnassus Mikhail Kasyanov.

"I would like to ask how unscrupulous a person can be if he collaborates with the union that blocked humanitarian convoys, participated in the organization of mass disorders, responsible for the deaths of several dozen people? It's just a kick in the teeth of the Crimean people and all Russians".

Despite the fact that the post was not put on the home page, more than 100 people left comments within two hours after the publication. All the reviews for the post are of the same type – with criticism and insults of co-chairman of Parnassus. Their authors are users of social network "VKontakte", a total of 42.

The majority of users pages also look the same: a minimum of a completed information about themselves and the only profile photo. However, several people's accounts look quite "alive": regularly updated and appear to belong to real people. They have similar «Interesting pages»; all of them have subscribed to updates of several groups of "United Russia" and the pro-Kremlin organizations, such as the "Young Guard".

The IP-address are also the same. For example, Ivan Trubetskoy and Marina Smakina wrote comments from a single address with a difference of three minutes; with a difference of 20 seconds – Tatiana Rassadnikova and Kailas Soltobekov; with a difference of a few minutes – Nika Antonova and Milana Ivanova, Violeta Danilenko and Sveta Savelieva.

Immediately after the publication of the post about Kasyanov a few dozen people posted a link to it on Twitter. Tweets were similar, "It's funny when two unnecessary people unite", "One problem – nobody wants to play with these gentlemen in politics", " It's just a kick in the teeth of the Crimean people and all Russians" and "How can a former prime minister work with a criminal? Nonsense".

Post of Alexander Gubanov about Mikhail Kasyanov was published on March 10 in 10:43. Literally in one and a half hour it was viewed by hundreds of unique visitors (graph shows a fast growth of the site traffic), their total number exceeded two thousand. At the same time the most of the readers were from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Chelyabinsk.



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