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Activists of the National Liberation Movement organized a rally "against the opposition press" in Petrozavodsk

According to the correspondent of the online journal "Chernika" Valery Potashov, activists of the National Liberation Movement picketed the building with the publishing house "Guberniya" in Petrozavodsk on February 12.

"There were about five people with black and orange flags and placards "Russia needs national oriented media" and "Let's restore the sovereignty of Russia!". Apparently, while Russia was protecting Bashar al-Assad in Syria, someone occupied it..." Valery Potashov writes.

The protesters said that they came to express an outrage against the negativity in the media allegedly financed by the Americans.

In an interview with the online journal "Chernika" chief editor of the newspaper "Karelskaya guberniya" Ivan Gusev claimed that he did not rule out a campaign against the independent media in Karelia. "Fighting against journalists is no good at all", Ivan Gusev said.

Newspaper "Guberniya" and its online version "Guberniya Daily" is one of the most popular media in Karelia. The paper version has been existing for over 20 years. Editorial highlights the life of the republic, not hiding the problems, often talking about the activities of the political opposition in the region.

Actions of National Liberation Movement in Karelia are rare: a year ago, activists tried to hold a "rally in support of the national leader Vladimir Putin", against the "coup d'etat", and the fifth column. No more than twenty people responded the call to support the "national leader".


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