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According to activist and member of the environmental organization 'Environment' Tatyana Stolbova, members of the initiative group protesting the construction of a waste landfill in the village of Osintsy, Slobodskoy district, suspended single pickets near government buildings and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Activists held single pickets since August 8. At first, authorities did not react, but in the evening of August 8 Tatyana Stolbova was approached by acting governor Igor Vasiliev. He talked to Stolbova about the territorial scheme of waste handling and doubted that waste would be brought to the Osintsy landfill from several neighboring municipalities.

On August 9, the deputy prime minister Maxim Kochetkov and the acting minister of environmental protection Alla Albegova came to the picket. They asked the activists to stop the pickets, and agreed on holding a meeting on August 11 to discuss the landfill.

Pickets are stopped until August 14. On August 13, activists will report about the results of the meeting with the officials during a rally against the construction of a waste landfill.

The construction of a landfill in the village of Osintsy in the Slobodskoy district became known in early 2016. Residents of the area are against it – they are afraid that waste from several municipalities will worsen the ecological situation.

In April 2016, after several protests, the construction of the landfill was suspended. In May 2017, the vice-president of the Kirov Legislative Assembly, Roman Titov, said that Spetsavtokhoziastvo had withdrawn from the concession agreement and the construction of the landfill was not planned. Residents of the Sloboda region did not believe this. In June, the director of Spetsavtokhoziastvo, Alexander Khoroshavtsev, informed that the construction of the landfill could be continued. Residents of the district went to the rally again.

You can read more about protest against the construction of a waste landfill here.

Katerina Klepikovskaya, «7x7»


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