Picket in support of the Novaya Gazeta journalist Ali Feruz, expelled from the country Horizontal Russia 0

On August 3, a civil activist Tatyana Kulbakina went to a single picket in support of the Novaya Gazeta journalist Ali Feruz [pen-name of Hudoberdi Nurmatov], arrested in Moscow.

The activist held the poster ‘Freedom to Ali Feruz. #ОтвалиОтАли' with a picture of a barbed wire being cut.

'The court ruled to expel Ali Feruz to Uzbekistan, thereby sentencing him to torture, prison and, most likely, death. Russia does not give shelter to Ali, does not release him to another country and actually kills him with other people's hands before our eyes. I oppose the expulsion of Feruz and for his immediate release. Ali, stay strong! We are with you!’ Kulbakina said.

She chose the place near the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB intentionally: according to the activist, the political context in the arrest of Ali (whom she knows personally) is obvious, and it is the Ministry of Internal Affairs that is responsible for this situation.

Single pickets in support of the journalist are held in a number of Russian cities. At the beginning of the month, an independent Trade Union of Journalists and Media Workers organized pickets.

Nikolay Kunin, photo vk.com/murmsil, «7x7»


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