Reported torturing in Kirov's colony Alexey Galkin was sentenced to two years in prison Horizontal Russia 0

On July 17, the Kirovo-Chepetsky district court sentenced Alexey Galkin, who reported torture in colony in the Kirov region, to two years in prison for a false denunciation.

The defense will appeal the verdict after reviewing the text.

In January 2017, Alexey Galkin released from prison No. 20 and applied to the movement 'For Human Rights'; with the help of human rights defenders, he appealed to the investigative bodies. Investigation did not confirm facts of beating and mockery and opened a criminal case for a false denunciation. Galkin was placed in custody for six months as he did not appear at trial for several times (the defense claimed that he was in the hospital).

Eduard Gorbunov from the Kirov region was also convicted for a false denunciation. He also claimed torture in the colony of the Omutninsky district. According to him, violence against him was used by both employees and prisoners.

There is also at least one convicted prisoner, serving a sentence in the same colony. His name is concealed.

Katerina Klepikovskaya, «7x7»


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