Teacher of the Murmansk college demanded from the students to participate in the governmental action on June, 12th Horizontal Russia 0

According to the website 'OVD-Info', the class teacher of the Murmansk Industrial College demanded that the students came to the government action on June 12.

The teacher sent a message to the students in the chat of VKontakte: 'Tomorrow at 14:00 Mikhail Sergeyevich and me will be waiting for you in the park on five corners'. According to the college site, Mikhail Sergeevich Golovko, the teacher-organizer, works there.

The place is not coordinated for a rally against corruption by the authorities, which will take place on the same day, due to the reconstruction of the fountains. This did not stop the children's holiday there. Organizer Violetta Grudina is going to write an appeal to the children's ombudsman of the Murmansk region Boris Kogan.

On May 30, the organizer from Apatity withdrew his application for an anti-corruption rally. He explained this by pressure on his business from the authorities. In Murmansk, the agreed rally will be held on June 12. Also anti-corruption rallies are planned in Olenegorsk and Polarnye Zori.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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