Deputies of the Kirov City Council allowed the installation of a monument to Dzerzhinsky Horizontal Russia 0

At the meeting of the Kirov City Duma deputies voted to install a monument to the revolutionary, founder of the All-Russia Extraordinary Commission Felix Dzerzhinsky.

23 deputies voted for the monument, three abstained. Nobody voted against it.

The installation of the monument was supported by labor collectives and sports societies of Kirov. Representatives of the organization of victims of political reprisals ‘Vyatka-plus’ spoke against the installation.

The monument is to be installed in the courtyard of the club of veterans of state security on the initiative of the members of the organization. The publishing house ‘Kropostnov’ took over the costs of installing the monument.

Felix Dzerzhinsky was in exile in the Vyatka province in Nolinsk in 1898. Dzerzhinsky together with Joseph Stalin visited Vyatka in 1919, when they investigated the facts of the Perm capture by the White Guard troops of Alexander Kolchak.

Denis Strelkov, «7x7»


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