More than a third of Kostroma prosecutor's survey respondents faced corruption in hospitals Horizontal Russia 0

The highest level of corruption, according to residents of the Kostroma region, is in health care facilities (32%), traffic police and universities (26%), as well as in the executive bodies of the Kostroma region and in local government (23%). The results of the survey were published on May 10 on the website of the regional prosecutor's office.

The survey showed that 37% of respondents had a corruption situation at least once in the last two years, 14% of respondents experienced it in the last six months.

Answering question about the most effective measures to reduce corruption, residents of the region mentioned toughening of punishment for corruption crimes and putting things in order among officials (by 39%), as well as strengthening control over the actions of authorities and their incomes (29%).

Only 13% of respondents are completely satisfied with the level of information openness of the authorities in the Kostroma region.

An anonymous survey on the topic 'How would you assess the level of corruption in the Kostroma region?' was conducted on the website of the regional prosecutor's office from the beginning of 2017. Employees of commercial organizations, institutions and enterprises, individual entrepreneurs, state and municipal employees participated in the survey. 43% of men and 57% of women answered questions. 47% of respondents live in Kostroma, the rest — in the municipalities of the region.


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