Graduate of the Ryazan orphanage has proved unlawfulness of adscript in her documents in court and will be able to get an apartment from the state Horizontal Russia 0

Graduate of the Ryazan orphanage Oksana Shaporenko together with a lawyer of the Ryazan 'Memorial' won recognition of her right to housing, despite the distortion of her documents by unknown persons. A 'Memorial' press service reported that decision of the Soviet court came into force on March 10.

The court found that a copy of Oksana Shaporenko's personal file had an adscript 'to fix the living quarters of parents', but it was not in the original document, which is kept in archives of the administration of the Rybnovsky district of the Ryazan region. Because of this detail, graduate of the orphanage could not claim housing from the state, and the 'living quarters of parents' was a room in the hostel of the Romantsevsky Psychoneurological orphanage in an unfit state.

The girl contacted the Ryazan 'Memorial'; a lawyer Petr Ivanov found that the line in her personal file about the "living quarters of parents" was darker in color than the rest of the text. Then he found out that there were no such words in the archival version of the document. With this evidence, graduate of the orphanage applied to the Soviet District Court, which recognized legality of her claims. Now the Ministry of Education of the Ryazan region is obliged to include Oksana Shaporenko in the list of orphans in need of housing.

‘It is noteworthy that even without all this confusion in the documents, Oksana could receive housing for a long time,’ Petr Ivanov believes. 'It was clear from her papers that the room in the hostel was illegally fixed. If the local administration carefully checked the papers that she provided at the first appeal, it was possible to cancel the unlawful decision of deputies back then. In this case, Oksana would not have to prove her right in court.'

In 2016, human rights activists of the Ryazan 'Memorial' helped more than 40 graduates of orphanages to receive housing from the state.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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