Citizen of Cheboksary held a single picket against cronyism in Chuvashia government Horizontal Russia 0
Activist Yury Shakeev during single picke
Photo by Alexey Glukhov

Chuvash activist Yury Shakeev went to a single picket on Revolution Square in Cheboksary with photos of the head of the Chuvash republic Mikhail Ignatiev and the children's ombudsman of Chuvashia Elena Saparkina (allegedly a relative of the governor's wife). Shakeev wrote about it on his Facebook page on March 9.

Yuri Shakeev went to the picket with a poster "No to cronyism in Chuvashia government, or scratch there where it does not itch". As Chuvash human rights activist Aleksey Glukhov told «7x7», half an hour after the start of the picket Yuri Shakeev was approached by policemen to check documents; he said that the slogan on his poster was a paraphrased quotation of head of the Chuvashia administration Yuri Vasilyev "Do not scratch there where it does not itch".

On February 16, deputies of the State Council of Chuvashia elected Elena Saparkina the commissioner for children's rights in the region by a majority vote. According to the portal "Pravda PFO", she is a niece of the wife of the head of the republic Ignatiev.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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