An anonymous complainant suspected the Chuvashia State Council deputy of insulting Putin and the Russian government during the rally in Yoshkar-Ola Horizontal Russia 0
Igor Molyakov
Photo by Denis Dolgopolov

The deputy of the Republic of Chuvashia State Council from A Just Russia party Igor Molyakov was called to the police department of Cheboksary to give explanations on July 27. The politician is suspected of holding an unauthorized public event against raising the retirement age in the park named after Chapaev in Yoshkar-Ola on July 17 and in making controversial statements at the A Just Russia rally, as reported by a regional online newspaper Pravda PFO.

“The police department of Cheboksary received an anonymous call. They perceived my and Manaeva's speeches [Tamara Manaeva is a board member of A Just Russia regional office in the Chuvashia Republic] as insulting disregard for the president and the government of the Russian Federation”, said Igor Molyakov to «7x7». “Another day I came to a meeting with the deputies, and the police was already there. I said that I did not remember insulting anyone, and wrote an explanation note – if Putin considers himself offended because of a Molyakov from Chuvashia who gave a speech in Yoshkar-Ola and offended him, let him write a statement. Well, and someone from the government might also write such a statement. Such cases can't be proceeded without that. So let's wait”.

The Cheboksary prosecutor's office has received another anonymous complaint regarding Molyakov's allegedly unauthorized meeting with voters in Cheboksary. In that case, the police has not drawn up a report.

“I see it as some kind of planned action, these two anonymous complaints. I had a phone call with Glushchenko [the chairman of the party regional office in Mari El], they gave explanations to the as well. There is some incomprehensible intrigue. After our meeting with the voters, the policemen were positive, they did not make any remarks, they simply thanked us at the end of the event”.

A gradual raising of the retirement age should begin in 2019. By 2028, men will retire at 65, and women by the year 2034 will retire at 63. The Russian government gives the budget deficit of the Pension Fund as one of the reasons for the pension reform. The new measures should allow to raise the pension by almost 1,000 rubles annually. On July 19, the State Duma adopted a bill on pension reform prepared by the government on first reading. 327 deputies supported it, 102 spoke against, 1 abstained.


Natalia Petrova, «7x7»

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