Two men claiming to be journalists tried to get in the apartment of the Karelian historian Dmitriev Horizontal Russia 0

In the evening of April 6, two men, who previously claimed to be TV-channel Izvestiya staff, came to the apartment of the historian Yury Dmitriev, the head of the Karelian Memorial Society. They were showing him a photo of his underage adopted daughter from the criminal case file, which he had been acquitted in by the court the day before. Dmitriev called the police and reported the incident to the “7x7” journalist.

Dmitriev himself opened the door, but after they showed him the photo, he asked them to leave: “I asked where they got these photos? I had to call the police to figure out where they got the photos that should be either in the case file or at the Investigative Committee. Who are they at all?”

According to the historian, the parole officer said that he could come to him on April 7.

The head of the Karelian Memorial Society Yury Dmitriev was acquitted on March 5 in the case of producing pornography depicting minors – his adopted daughter. The prosecutor demanded nine years of strict regime. He was given two years of imprisonment for keeping the elements of a hunting rifle, so he has to serve several months out of this sentence.

Dmitriev was detained in December 2016. The experts did not either find pornography in the child's photos, which he did to control the child's physical development, nor mental disorders of the historian. He was released on a recognizance in January 2017.


Daniil Kuznetsov, Gleb Yarovoy, Sergey Markelov, «7x7»

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