Human right advocate Yan Rachinsky became a chairman of International Memorial Horizontal Russia 0
Yan Rachinsky
Source: Yabloko party

A human right advocate Yan Rachinsky became a new chairman of the international historical, educational, charitable and human rights society Memorial, as reported by a source from the board of directors on March 22.

The previous chair of the board, a human rights leader Arseny Roginsky passed away after a long-term sickness in December, 2017.

A human right activist Yan Rachinsky has been a member of International Memorial since 1988, he is on the board of directors and a co-chair of the Moscow office of the organization. In the beginning of 90s, he participated in a couple of human rights missions at North Caucasus hotspots and Transnistria. In 2000s, he was supervising the creation of the electronic book with the victims of political repressions list.

International Memorial is a non-governmental organization, that since 1987 makes researches and investigations of political repressions in the USSR and modern Russia, as well as contributes to the moral and legal rehabilitation of those subjected to political repressions.


Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»

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