Historian Mikhail Rogachev believes that not all the executed political prisoners were buried in Ukhta Horizontal Russia 0

Historian Mikhail Rogachev believes that not the all political prisoners of 30s executed in Zabolotny were buried in Ukhta on December 7.

He meant, presumably, the remains of political prisoners, discovered at the end of April 2017 during excavations. Experts examined three skulls with bullet holes and determined that they were in the ground for at least thirty years. In July 2017, the investigation completed the verification of the data, the criminal case was not initiated "due to the absence of corpus delicti". Historian Mikhail Rogachev believes that the burial place has not been thoroughly investigated.

The historian asserts that the city administration, with the assistance of the bodies of internal affairs, the prosecutor's office and forensic experts, should investigate such mass graves by the rules.

Ukhtapechlag, which consisted of five camp departments, appeared in the early 1930s. After the liquidation of camp in Zabolotnoye in the 1950s, all the buildings of the NKVD prison were demolished. In 1991, not far from this place, on the road to the village of Shudayag, a monument to innocently killed in Zabolotny was erected with the means of the administration of Ukhta, the enterprises of the district and the society "Memorial".

Elena Solovyova, «7x7»


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