Kostroma authorities did not coordinate a rally of Navalny supporters on Mira Square and did not offer another place Horizontal Russia 0

The city authorities did not coordinate a rally of supporters of Alexey Navalny on December 1 on the Mira Square. Information about this appeared on November 23 on the page "Navalny's headquarters in Kostroma" on Facebook.

Acting head of the city Oleg Bolohovets responded to the notification of the coordinator of the headquarters that another application for a picket was submitted earlier on that date, at the same place and at the same time.

"This means that the administration should offer us an alternative place to meet, but there are no proposals in the answer. Non-alternative refusal is the reason to go to court," said Alexander Subbotin, coordinator of Navalny's Kostroma headquarters.

According to Subbotin, they sent several notices to the mayor's office about holding rallies on different days. Their goal was called "a meeting of citizens with Alexey Navalny to inform about his activities". They received three refusals, but only once the applicant was offered an alternative site, which did not suit him.

Navalny's Kostroma headquarters will continue to file notices hoping that the authorities will nevertheless coordinate the rally. According to the leaders of headquarters, if this happens, Alexey Navalny is ready to come to Kostroma to join it.

Alexey Navalny visited Kostroma several times. Last time he came on April 22, 2017 at the opening of the Kostroma headquarters.

Alexey Uhankov, «7x7»


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