Voronezh civil activist Dmitry Vorobyovsky was attacked in the entrance of his house Horizontal Russia 0
Dmitry Vorobyovsky
Courtesy of Dmitry Vorobyovsky

Voronezh civil activist Dmitry Vorobyovsky, who regularly participates in opposition pickets, was attacked in the entrance of his house. He informed about it on Facebook on November 21.

Vorobyovsky said that he was caught off his guard:

"When I entered the entrance, some gaybist bastard (pretty tall, wearing a hooded jacket) also came in with me and immediately attacked from behind, inflicting several blows (from behind and from the side) — probably with a brass knuckle, saying something (I only remembered "I'll kill you"), after which he photographed me in blood and went away."

The activist has two deep wounds on his head, but he is not going to contact the police as he considers it useless.

In May 2016 Dmitry Vorobyovsky was hospitalized in a psychiatric clinic without his consent. He went on a hunger strike and was able to leave the hospital by court order. Every Tuesday Vorobyovsky participate in pickets of Voronezh oppositionists. He always holds the same poster — "Away with Putin and his gaybist brigade".

In the summer of 2017 another Voronezh activist, 68-year-old Stanislav Egorov, was beaten at his house. The police did not find the attackers.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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